Farewelll Purple Princess, Dana Lawless

9 May 2016
Farewelll Purple Princess, Dana Lawless

It is with great sadness that we share the fact that we have lost one of our greatest performers.  Dana Lawless came into our lives recently and, like everyone who met her, we responded to her with great affection.

On Friday 22 April we travelled with our other Carnival Artists, fire and poi, Jo Moller, Poi, Odette Livni and the multitalented Raoul Potgieter to Diaz Hotel to entertain The Third Age Group who were celebrating their 20th Birthday.  We had a simply awesome time together and looked forward to more great gigs as a team.  The next day, Dana left for AfrikaBurn … she was super excited and she was looking forward to more time with her daughter and new baby grand daughter after the festival.

On Saturday, 30 May we learned that she had danced into the Vortex.  It seems like it was a freak accident in which she fell off a vehicle however it also seems like she was so happy that she transcended into another realm.  All who knew her are very sad and shocked.

 We will be holding a Tribute to the Purple Princess on 21 May 2016 at sunset at Lookout Beach.  


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