Welcome to the amazing Mentalist, Larry Soffer!

24 November 2015
Welcome to the amazing Mentalist, Larry Soffer!

We are delighted to welcome our latest performer to Big Circle Entertainment, the great Mentalist, Larry Soffer.    

“The awe-inspiring mentalist, illusionist and magician is bound to leave your guests stunned, asking themselves: ‘How did he just do that?’

Inspired by David Copperfield’s charisma and showmanship, at the young age of 13, Larry enrolled at the College of Magic in Cape Town where he studied magic for 4 years. Larry took a particular interest in Mentalism after his studies and started studying it in his own time. Mentalism is best explained as magic of the mind which includes acts of mind-reading, metal bending and telekinesis.

Larry’s proficiency in Mentalism reached far beyond expectation and has led to showcasing his unbelievable powers on television and radio, affecting people in their own homes, making spoons and forks bend, fixing broken watches, making light bulbs burst and even making their TV’s switch on.

In 2006 Larry was invited to the renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood, a club which plays host to the most prestigious magicians in the world. Larry became the youngest South African to ever perform there and the only one to be awarded a membership, making him the only African Member of this elite group of magicians.

Larry has performed for Beyoncé and Jay Z, Prince Harry and the Prince of Saudi Arabia.


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